Time is just passing me by I guess because I can't believe that Reba's song with Linda Davis "Does He Love You" is 22 years old today!  Everyday at 5:50 p.m. during my show we open up the time capsule and see what happened on this day in country music history.

When I read this today on my show, I was shocked to see that this song was 22 years old.  I remember when this song came out.  I especially remember the video where Reba blows up Linda Davis at the end of the video on a boat.

Revenge is a B#### right?  This song reminds you to not only don't cheat on your woman but also let's you know there is nothing worse than a woman's scorn! I found the video for the song. Make sure to watch the end for sure! Check it out.

What a blast from the past right?  Just wanted to bring you back a little bit!  Have a great day Gator Country.