Need advice, gang! There's a lady who lives down the street who owns 5 white dogs. The dogs like to free lance. The prob? They REALLY REALLY enjoy getting into my trash and turning my yard into a K9/Picasso work of art.

This is the second time and I would like it to be the last time. Law enforcement have been notified about other issues involving the Choupique Dog Posse' and yet the owner STILL allows her doggies to free lance and do whatever the heck they want! Any advice?

Here's what my Gator friends had to say on the matter.

Bruce Merchant Bring the "art work" to her!!

Stephanie Stratton BB gun

Mistie Babin Douse the top of your garbage in cayenne pepper for awhile. Dogs hate it. They may get the point to pick another home after they get into the pepper.

Dorothy Meaux Drop dogs off at a shelter and tell her!!!!

Lois Parker Put a Bungee cord over it.We have ours by a pole and we just hook the cord on the trash can and wrap it around the pole and hook other side

Sam Koonce Call animal control, we have a leash law and a violation carries a $500 fine.

Alexandra Courville They have a spray you can buy or make yourself to spray on on and around your trash cans. The dogs hate it and won't touch them!

Courtney Deitch A air soft gun scares without hurting anyone. Just don't shoot the eyes out.

Gwen Tate AC won't pick up the dogs if they know who they belong too after a time or 2 AC will give them a fine big deal!!! Where I live there's 4 Pitt bulls that keep getting loose AC has been there several times. They are kept on chains and mean dogs because he is a meth head. We have goats, chickens , ducks .. AC says u have the right to kill them if they are threatening you or your animals but won't pick them up.

Thank you for the feedback, my friends!