Whoa! Did you see what I saw? That sign didn't say what I thought it said, did it??

Yeah, we all have had moments like that, wishing we had a camera, but it went by so fast soon it will only be a memory!

But guess who did have a camera??We see them everywhere and now it's time to let them be seen on Gator995.com! Take a ride around town and find the signs that give you such a tickle when you read them, you have to turn around and you back with the cell phone camera, clicking away!


I found this bad boy hanging on the window of a Gas Station Grocery Store, are people that confused by hunger that they will mistaken GFC for KFC? Looks like someone is missing at least 4 herbs &spices!




This was sent to me by a good friend awhile back...for some reason he saw it and thought of me...








Wow, is anyone hungry for seafood? Yummy....in a strange way, I am kinda happy that I don't have an appetite!








Found this sign off Highway 14, and ran into one of my salesmen...we exchanged awkward glances and walked opposite directions.









I thought you weren't suppose to tell any one this!! I feel like calling and asking for Dave and see if they say, "Dave's not here, Man!".  Then I would laugh to myself.



Sometimes the funny will bring you the money, so these signs might do some good with their eye catching phrases. And if you have got a pic from around here or anywhere, please send them in so we can share with the world!