I came in from Georgia on I-10 yesterday. Traffic was fine until we hit Louisiana.

I knew the worst traffic of the trip would be around Baton Rouge, and I was not disappointed. The traffic came to a complete stop about 20 miles east of Baton Rouge and gave me a chance to whip out my iPhone and check my Sigalert app!  (It's also available for Android, too.)   Sigalert features all of the traffic cameras around Baton Rouge and also shows you the currents speeds traffic is moving at on indicated roads. Here's an example:

I looked and saw that the traffic was not moving all the way through Baton Rouge! It would have taken us a couple of hours to creep through, so we got off I-10 and traveled through Baton Rouge on Florida Avenue. Then after we got back on I-10, traffic was still stopped. I again opened Sigalert and saw that traffic on the Atchafalaya Basin bridge was flowing smoothly, and we just stuck it out for a few more miles. I thought I would share this app with you and maybe save you from sitting still on I-10 during your holiday trips.