Headwater Holidays has released a list of secrets for a happy marriage based on a recent survey of happily married couples. While these secrets may work for these couples, Dale and Don have their own.

According to the survey, some of the keys to a happy marriage are:

  • Taking short breaks from each other twice a year
  • Taking two vacations together a year(Yes this means together!)
  • Having sex twice a week(What? We are men not machines!)
  • Having dinner out three times a month (This does not include drive thru!)
  • Having a healthy argument once a week(We have that covered!)
  • Saying 'I love you' nine times a fortnight (Neither of us have a clue what a "fortnight" is.)
  • Having guys and girls nights out without your partner two times a month. (Out of what?

Dale's Tips:

"Heck, I've been married four times, I have no idea what works for a successful marriage!"

Don's Tips:

No one person can bare the weight of being someone else's everything. Be yourself and let your partner be herself. My mom told me something that has always stuck with me when she said "Don, you can't change someone. You either accept them as they are or you move on".  Accepting that you are not always gonna win will also go a long way. I can tell you that nothing looks better on anyone than a smile!