Just when you thought that a man living in his mothers basement with a box of Lego's and a burning love for Obi-wan was nothing to fear, fear again! And this time, they have involved music!  Follow me down the rabbit hole...Remember those old jewelry boxes, that when you opend them, a little drum would spin, and little pegs sticking out of it would click up against a line of mettal and would come out with a musical tunes? You do? Musicboxes? Okay, should have stopped me a while back.

Anyway, in Germany,  LEGO designed a "music box" of sorts that will keep the serious Jewelry/Starwars junkie out there, as you can tell from the following video! Check out the press release I got from their website first.


As part of the promotion of the sets of Star Wars toys, Serviceplan Campaign has built a huge barrel organ for LEGO GmbH. The construction took 20,000 LEGO bricks to make, and when the barrel of the organ is turned it plays the Star Wars theme tune. The large musical instrument toured the whole of Germany in January and besides stopping off at other locations, it appeared at the weekend at the film premiere of the 3D version of "Star Wars – Episode I" in Munich.