Most of the people I know live satisfying lives. They are quite content with the community they live in, the schools their children attend, the paycheck they make, and the general quality of life on a day to day level.  Yet, our state has been designated as the worst state in the union in which to live. How can that be?

First, let's look at the survey that says we are America's hell hole. It was commissioned and published by Politico Magazine. The criterion used for choosing whether a state was a good state to live in or a not so good state to live in were crime, employment, education, and health.  Well, if that's what you base a good life on then sure we've got some problems.

There were a few measures where Louisiana dropped a little bit. Home ownership was one of them, overall wellbeing, the average math scores for 8th graders. The violent crime rate worsened a little bit, as well.

That's how Deputy Editor Margaret Slattery described Louisiana's fall from next to worst state to live in last year to the worst state to live in this year to the Louisiana Radio Network. 

If you're wondering Mississippi had held the bottom spot for the past couple of years but either we moved down or they moved up. It's hard to say neither state appears to really have a lot to be cheering about in this survey.

As far as the best state to live in, Politico Magazine chose New Hampshire. I am sure it's a nice place to live but it doesn't have Mardi Gras.  It also appears to be quite susceptible to attacks during a zombie apocalypse.