Tuesday April 7th, is National Beer Day in the United States. This is the unofficial holiday for beer enthusiasts to celebrate the law signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt back in 1933 to buy, sell and drink beer as long as it was under 4%.

After a quick search, I discovered that there are other very similar unofficial holidays. There is a National American Beer Day held in October, an International Beer Day in August and a few others. Today, we celebrate National Beer Day Eve, and yes, that's a thing! Do we really need an excuse in our beloved Bayou City to partake in a nice, cool lager? No, but it's always nice to have an excuse in our back pocket.

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Let's turn to our entertainers shall we? Kip Moore, "Beer Money", Garth Brooks, "Longneck Bottle", Kenny Chesney, "Beer in Mexico", Billy Currington, "Pretty Good at Drinking Beer, Toby Keith, "Red Solo Cup" and then some.  I know there are more, but it'll let you and your friends place some friendly beer bets and have some fun with it! On that note, since it's Monday (an extra excuse!), I say we all grab a nice cold one and "Drink a Beer" (thanks Luke Bryan)!!

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