Seen a red nose around lately?  I am sure you have seen commercials, articles, and pictures on Instagram of Kris & Erin wearing our red noses.  Not to mention celebrities, artists, and entertainers donning their red noses.  Why, you ask?  Tonight, at 7pm on NBC, tune into the National televised comedic-a-thon to help fight child poverty in America.  Honoring Red Nose Day 2015.

According to the National Center on Children in Poverty, child poverty is an epidemic in our country; more than 16 million are in poverty in America alone.  Leading to lower academic scores, higher rate of juvenile delinquency, and increased depression and domestic violence.  Which averages to 1 in every 5 are living in poverty conditions.  Count them at the bus stop, every fifth child is hungry, has poor living conditions, and may just be the next high school drop out.  It is a real issue.

Which leads us to the Red Nose Mission and their inaugural event on NBC tonight, a three-hour entertainment TV special, featuring superstar actors, comedians and musicians, original sketch comedy, hilarious parodies and amazing musical performances.  Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Coldplay and many more artists and entertainers raise awareness and money for twelve organizations in America. Tune in to NBC, wear you red nose, and FIGHT child poverty.  We can make a difference.