Back in the late 90's, Kristyn, Kelsi, and Kassidy Osborn emeged on the country music scene in a big way. Oh, you might remember them as the group SHeDAISY? Where are they now?

SHeDAISY's  debut album THE WHOLE SHeBANG was released May 11, 1999, and went platinum March 28, 2000. Here was their first single "Little Goodbyes."

Here are some other popular SHeDAISY hits!

Yup! That's the Osborn girls. Back in 2008, the girls released "The Best of SHeDAISY". And after that...



It's 2015, and I am a man going thru Serious SHeDAISY withdrawals! Until, I stummbled across a video this morning on Facebook. The trio in the video below is NOT SHeDAISY, yet I became an instant fan! Enjoy!

Move over SHeDAISY! Welcome SketchSHE!

This day, all is right for me in Gator Country.