The weather? A sick kid? A car that won't start? Burnt toast? Anyone have a routine that they follow every day and, if they don't, the rest of their day goes bad?

Tiffany Broussard When my kid wakes up in a cranky mood lol its a battle every morning but I wouldn't trade it for anything

Allison Adams I have a routine in the am. After that I just go with the flow. I never have a bad day. You get what you put into it!!

Kramer LaCour  3 guys calling in saying not going to be at work usually does the trick for me.

Lois Parker I have a routine to get all main things done early and have the rest of the day to do whatever comes up... Go with the unless someone makes me mad...enough said

Dana Comeaux When you don't set the coffee pot just right and it spills coffee and grinds all over the counter...

Crystal Bridges Waking up late always ruins my whole day!

Bruce Merchant That car thing! Thankfully, I live across the street from my mechanics.