I have been married for over sixteen years now, and I still have trouble training my husband to put the toilet paper OVER instead of under.  I believe the toilet paper should be OVER, optimum use.  In 1891, engineer turned-writer Owen Williams was awarded the patent for toilet paper, before indoor plumbing was even thought of.  His original drawing for the patent filing showed the roll OVER, and a diagram of how the paper would be used in that position (I will spare you the details).

Even the designer of the first massed produced toilet paper knew the roll was better used in the "over" position.  Thank goodness we have the roll in the first place, Mr. Williams almost didn't file the patent; he thought it wouldn't be received well since most individuals used cloth, leaves, and other biodegradable items for cleaning up after the bathroom act. I for one am VERY grateful for the patent of the modern-day toilet paper.

Which leads me to the age-old debate for many married couples, such as Chad and I. What is the correct position of the TP roll?  The smarter of the sexes is correct, it should be place "over".  My thoughts, Eve was created last so God could rest.  He was tired after creating Adam (that was a lot of work).  Perfection is the hardest to create.  Gentlemen, do your self a favor and just bow down to the superior sex.  The TP goes over.  Happy thoughts in the bathroom!