We have all heard of some weird job titles. Things like Grand Pooh-bah and Guru. I think sometimes they are made up to make our jobs sound important and are given in place of a raise. We have some weird ones for you.

flickr/ ianmunroe

The Houghton Mifflin Harcourt publishing calls their receptionist the "Director of First Impressions." At Grasshopper phone company you'll find the "Ambassador of Buzz" (Cheech has applied) and a "Word of Mouth Marketing Manager." I would like to give our staff some new titles. We will call Gary Shannon the "Chief Coffee Consumer" and on St. Patrick's day will serve as the "green Compliance Officer."  Heather can be the "Director of Femininity" since she is the only female on the staff. I will serve as the "Vice President in Charge of Mid Day Naps" and David Morgan will serve as "Manager of all Things Sane" (it's not a very big job.) Do you have some weird job titles? Tell us about them.