A new trailer for 1883 proves that Tim McGraw's character James Dutton is as good on horseback as he is with a gun.

Sam Elliott, Faith Hill, Billy Bob Thornton and Isabel May also star in the new Paramount+ show, starting Dec. 19.

A two-minute-long trailer released on Friday (Dec. 3) starts quietly, with McGraw's Dutton steering his hose-drawn wagon down a pasture at sunset. Ten seconds later, the drama begins. Yellowstone viewers will recognize a few touchstones of the sequence, including the crows that fly overhead to symbolize death (as seen in the Season 3 finale of Yellowstone) and the origins of that famous Dutton trust, or lack of it.

"I believe in you, and I believe in that boy and I believe in our daughter. And that's all," James Dutton says at 1:10 in the trailer. Watch:

The opening scene of the new trailer is impressive. McGraw is leading his wagon away from a gang of men who are firing at him. He both steers and turns to fire his shotgun behind him, picking off his assailants one at a time. Elliott's Shea Brennan is the next to appear, alongside his righthand man Thomas, who's played by LaMonica Garrett. Throughout the next minute, fans learn that Dutton and Brennan have formed a cautious and reluctant partnership to travel north from Texas. Along the way they meet imposing adversaries, like indigenous tribes and militia (possibly American military), shown midway through the clip.

Gunfire, beatings and cursing pepper the trailer, much like they do Yellowstone, so anyone hoping that the two country singers had attached themselves to a family-friendly vehicle should probably use caution. Thornton's Marshal Jim Courtright appears at 1:45, shooting a man while knowing no one will question his motives.

attachment-1883 yellowstone trailer

"There's only one killer in Fort Worth, and that's me," he says.

"The road west was paved with blood," looks to be the new show's unofficial slogan. The Yellowstone origin story is the first spinoff of Yellowstone, but others — like one based on the 6666 Ranch — are also in development.

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