Picking out the perfect name for your newborn can be stressful.

You don't want something to crazy, but you also don't want a name that every kid in their class will have either. Do you pick something with family history? Do you go for something with a deep meaning? Do you take nicknames into consideration? So many questions!

Maybe it's just me, but when it came to choosing a name for our baby we new exactly what the name would be if she was a girl. Boy names just didn't come as easy. And, wouldn't you know it, we're having a boy! Let the name games begin!

If you are finding yourself in the same baby-naming boat and want some ideas on unique baby boy names Scary Mommy has the perfect list.

These baby boy names are so rare they were only used five times last year!

  1. Esher
  2. Beaudry
  3. Fielder
  4. Joen
  5. Ridger
  6. Tenneson
  7. Cario
  8. Enric
  9. Geddy
  10. Joviah
  11. Parson
  12. Siler
  13. Argo
  14. Brennox
  15. Caz
  16. Doren
  17. Andri
  18. Levyn
  19. Beacon
  20. Imre
  21. Zyrie

Any of the names catch your attention? You can see even more baby boy names options in the post on the Scary Mommy website.

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