There are certain things that almost all of us say we like. Many of those things are things we really don't care for. This holiday weekend you will likely be exposed to some of those things. It's okay you can be honest with us even if you don't have the gumption to tell it like it is to your friends and family.

  • David Silverman, Getty Images
    David Silverman, Getty Images

    Doing Shots

    I am not talking about the kind you get at the doctor's office. At almost any gathering of alcohol induced fun seekers there will always be someone suggesting the group does a shot of whiskey, tequila, drain cleaner, or chicken grease. Most of us hate doing those. In my opinion shots are the leading cause of vomit. It's alright if you just say no!

  • Tibor Nagy, ThinkStock
    Tibor Nagy, ThinkStock

    Going For A Run

    There are some people that enjoy a jog, a 5k, or even a marathon or longer run. They are in the minority. If they were the majority we'd be a lot thinner wouldn't we? The suggestion to go for a run usually means thinking  "my brains says I need the exercise but my body really likes it here on the couch". I am not knocking exercise we should all do at least a little more. However, if running isn't your thing it's okay to pass and keep the TV company.

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    Being Around Other People's Children

    As a rule kids require attention. Attention whether it means listening to an awful rendition of a Beyonce' tune done by a toddler or just listening to a child scream about the lack of attention is not fun. If you're related to the kid it's different. If the kid is part of the parental package you are choosing to visit that's where the luster is dulled with your first step on a Lego. Other people's children they are best loved from afar or online.


    Drinking Healthy Drinks And Juices

    Okay we know it's good for us. We just don't know what kale is and how you came up with the idea to turn it into a wretchedly refreshing beverage. The idea of someone else imparting their knowledge of what is healthy on our Pillsbury Doughboy like bodies is not comfortable for most of us. We'll pretend to enjoy the radish, beet, collard greens, and artichoke concoction just to be kind. The truth is we'd rather have a beer, a Monster, or a glass of murky brown water fresh from the bayou.

  • George Doyle, ThinkStock
    George Doyle, ThinkStock


    If you only cook every now and then and if you have someone to help you prepare the ingredients cooking can be fun. Most of the time the only thing worse than cooking is cleaning up after you've cooked. Cooking is that double edge sword. You need to prepare food for yourself so it's work. You want the food you prepare to be good so it's a challenge. How many of you can honestly say " I really want a challenging task at work"? Now you understand why cooking might seem glamorous on the eating channels but in real life we are only kidding ourselves.

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