It's not a secret that Luke Combs is a husky guy. Personally, growing up husky was not the greatest treat in the world. I have been called every name in the book. When Free Willy came out, it got a bit worse. Luckily when I would have a rough day from being made fun of, mom would step up and tell me how words are simply just that. They might hurt to hear, but they can never control what or who I can become. I won't go on a bullying soapbox, but I say that to say Luke Combs has a girl in his corner who apparently will throw some hands.

Hocking began dating Combs when she moved to Nashville, before Combs was ever famous. They began dating in 2016. In November of 2018, Luke turned his girlfriend into a fiancée. To be a bit shallow, it's obvious there is a touch of a point spread here between the two. Personally, it's refreshing to see husky guys in style more and more these days. We know where the good food is, we know where the best places to stand for a cool breeze are, and we stay warm in the Winter.

Apparently, there are people in the world that don't quite agree, and the future Mrs. Combs had enough of it. She took to Twitter to inform the "haters" that she has a little something for them that want to shame their relationship or her fiancé.

I feel that she missed a great line here about "your life might get in Hock", but we can't win them all. After this tweet, her followers erupted in support of her relationship and even began showing their own relationships that mimic Hocking and Combs.

Better watch out haters, team "Husky Hocking" has a support base. Also, to all of my husky guys out there, put on your best 4x shirt and get ready. The ladies are coming!

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