Is this an amazing tribute or totally unsettling? A guy who rocks under the name Prince Midnight just paid homage to his dead uncle by turning his skeleton into a guitar.

File this story under You Never Know What You Will Watch On YouTube After Clicking Suggested Videos For Over Two Hours. I started watching videos from my favorite trucking vlogger, Riding With Dave, and the videos just got weirder and weirder until finally this strange act of remembrance left me speechless. I then knew I had to share this story with you.

He's had his uncle's bones for two decades since his family refused to cremate him, so he finally used his uncle's spine, rib cage, and pelvis as the foundation for an electric guitar.

Midnight had this to say from an interview with Metal Sucks:

Now Uncle Filip can shred for all eternity. That's how he would want it.

Call me traditional, but this is just creepy. I mean, I guess it's amazing that you can make a guitar out of someone's bones, but you have to be a fry short of a Happy Meal to do something like this, right? I hope it comes out in the wash that this is a prank and he really bought those bones at Party City.

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