During the first round of auditions in this season of American Idol, 17-year-old Hannah Everhart from Canton, Miss. caught the judges' attention not only for her Southern drawl and powerful vocal skills: She also bears an uncanny resemblance to Idol judge Katy Perry.

On Sunday night (March 28), Everhart took the stage again for the Showstoppers round, delivering a full-band performance as she vied for her spot in the show's Top 24. "Come on, sister from another mister," Perry joked as the Idol hopeful launched into a moody performance of Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball."

Everhart has proved her country chops in the past, with song selections like country standard "Wayfaring Stranger." But during her rendition of "Wrecking Ball," she took just as many cues from Cyrus' rock aesthetic as she did from the star's country roots. Her performance was slightly unsettled, and she admitted that it was her first time singing with a band. But although she might have been green onstage, Everhart's determination and ambition was unmistakable.

"I definitely wanna make it to the Top 24. I'd make a lot of people proud. What girl from Mississippi recently -- Canton, Mississippi --has made it this far? So I think that'll be inspiring to a lot of people," she reflected.

Ultimately, the singer's drive paid off. She's headed to the next round of Idol, and will be a part of this season's Top 24. American Idol airs on ABC on Sunday and Monday nights at 8PM ET. On Monday (March 29), show will continue its Showstopper/Final Judgment rounds.

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