I figure it's coming for Lake Charles soon enough, but more and more cities are keeping live events, festivals, sports, and concerts shut down even after the April 30 date. KRON4 in California reported that Eric Garcetti, mayor of Los Angeles, made a statement about the large gathering events. According to KRON4, the mayor stated that any large event involving large quantities of people will not be allowed until 2021, or until a vaccine is developed for the COVID-19 virus.

New York City mayor, Bill De Blasio, was quoted by CNN saying that the last thing that will return to the city will be live events. This could be a huge hit to the festival industry that Louisiana has. We are in the beginning of festival season, and with the Rabbit Festival being one of the first large festivals of the season to get canceled, it perhaps won't be the only one. We still have hopes for Marshland, Fur, Train, and Frog. Hopefully.

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