When a bear can’t find what it needs in the woods it generally raids the trash cans of neighboring humans. But in Pittsburgh, a bear cub devised a far more ambitious plan to stock up on supplies- – she took off to the nearest mall and entered the facility through the Sears.

“The bear just walked up to the automatic doors, they opened and [she] just ran in,” said Brian Grant, security director for Pittsburgh Mills. “One of our officers arrived here and saw people running out the doors.”

Watch a video from the scene below.

While the sight of the bear may have initially sent folks fleeing, it didn’t take long before shoppers realized the 120 pound cub was more scared of them than they were of her. Wildlife officials were able to shoot the beast with a tranquilizer dart, which she eventually succumbed to after about an hour of wandering Sears’ aisles.

Officials then carted the bear away. When the poor girl woke up from her chemically-induced slumber, the only thing she had to show for her trip to the mall was a nasty headache.

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