Brad Paisley performed a surprise appearance at a high school graduation in Illinois on Friday, where he played some songs and gave a commencement speech.

It was part of a contest for his song "Last Time for Everything".  He'd asked students to send in videos about what they'll miss most about high school, and the entry from Barrington High School in South Barrington, Illinois won.

He only announced the winner the day of the event, so it was a surprise for the students.

He performed three songs . . . "Letter To Me", "Today", and "Last Time For Everything" . . . and talked about living in the moment, and not taking life too seriously.

He also had fun at his own expense!  One kid yelled "You're my hero!" . . . so he responded with, "Good luck."  And when a young female student yelled "Marry me," he said, "That would be illegal."

Checkout the video of the event below, and a few tweets:


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