Thanks to the release of his new album, The Devil Don't Sleep, on Jan. 27, Brantley Gilbert has a whole new set of poignant, powerful and fun songs to add to his live shows. From sweet love songs about his wife to introspective explorations into his own vices, Gilbert's personal life makes for the most interesting and powerful material on his fourth studio album ... and will make for some pretty amazing setlists when the country singer kicks off his The Devil Don’t Sleep Tour on Feb. 2.

During his 2017 tour, Gilbert is scheduled to perform at some of biggest venues that the cities in which he's stopping have to offer -- massive arenas everywhere from Pennsylvania to Mississippi. And as Gilbert explains in the exclusive video above, those are his favorite venues to play!

While Gilbert does admit that there's nothing quite like rocking an outdoor amphitheater, with nature all around you, one reason he prefers the arena experience is because he doesn't have to think about the weather.

"It’s a controlled environment," Gilbert says. "You know, if it rains, it’s still on. You don’t have to worry about the weather; it’s going down. You know at 10 or 11 o’clock, or whatever time you go on, you’re going on, and it’s happening."

Arena shows also appeal to Gilbert because they allow him and his team the opportunity to create the perfect show for fans. Big, outdoor concerts can be a little distracting because so much other stuff is going on; arena shows can feel more personal.

"It’s also a controlled environment when it comes to production," Gilbert continues. "With sound, with lights, I feel like it can be more of an intimate environment. When it goes dark in there, there’s one focal point."

The Devil Don’t Sleep is available for download on iTunes now. More information on Gilbert's The Devil Don't Sleep Tour is available on his official website.

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