I saw a story today about Maury Povich reminiscing about having Hunter Hayes on his show when he was a kid.  It got me to thinking how huge Hunter was when he was a kid and I went a searched YouTube for his TV performances and watched them for about 30 minutes.  Then the light bulb went off, Ryan you need to share this with the Gator Nation!

Now 26, Hunter has become an accomplished singer/songwriter and the pride of Breaux Bridge and Louisiana!  Below are some of his appearances that made the nation fall in love with him!

A little background on Hunter, he was born in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana on September 9, 1991.  He began his career when he was two. At four, he began making appearances locally and on national television.  Hunter can play 30 instruments!

Hunter is currently signed to Atlantic Records Nashville.  He's sold millions of records as a singer and a songwriter.  He still enjoys coming back home and being around friends and family in Breaux Bridge.

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