Brett Eldredge certainly had an unpleasant surprise waiting for him when he went into his bathroom on Wednesday (Jan. 4). The country singer shared a video via social media of a nasty-looking snake that he found crawling up out of his toilet.

"Before ya go to the bathroom...DONT FORGET TO LOOK DOWN😳," the country singer posted to Instagram, accompanying a video in which a snake is slithering out of the commode.

From the look of his Instagram page, the rising country star has been celebrating the turn of the new year in the tropics, which is apparently where he found the horrifying scene on Wednesday.

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“Here we are, it’s the morning,” Eldredge says in the amateur video above. “I was going to take a leak, start the day; that's how you start the day. I walk in here and what do we have? A beautiful New Year’s snake. Holy shhhh ...whoa. Oh, he’s got a big body. He’s got a real big body. Hey buddy, what are you doing? What are we gonna do?”

The clearly rattled singer ends up enlisting the help of an unidentified man, who saves the day by fishing the reptile out of the toilet using a piece of wood. Once the snake has coiled itself around the piece of wood, Eldredge holds the door for him as he ushers the snake out of the room where the singer is staying.

Fortunately, aside from the snake incident, things have been going well for Eldredge. He realized a "lifelong dream" by releasing his first Christmas album, Glow, this holiday season, and recently scored his sixth No. 1 hit with "Wanna Be That Song."

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