Five-year-old Evelyn Sigur's baking talents rival those of most folks five times her age, and her big dream is to prove she is the best pint-sized baker of them all.

Evelyn baked the cupcakes you see in the video for her own birthday on April 16!

She used a boxed mix for the cupcakes, but whipped up the delicious icing from scratch. Pretty impressive for a kid who's in Pre-K!

Her mom Jordan says the Cajun cutie has been underfoot in the kitchen when she bakes for as long as she could toddle her way there. Whether it's homemade biscuits, cookies, or cakes, Evelyn is ready to take control. Her favorite confection to bake is cupcakes, and her favorite part is watching folks enjoy her treats.

Evelyn is ready to move those skills from her own kitchen to a professional one on a stage to be judged. She wants to compete on the Food Network's "Kids Baking Championship." Twelve children are challenged to bake something specific with their own flair and judged by Valerie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman. The winner takes home a cash prize of at least $25,000.

Evelyn and her family currently live in Arkansas. They moved there a year ago from the New Iberia area. Her grandparents and great-grandparents still live in the Lafayette/New Iberia area.

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