DeWayne Simmons showed off just a few weeks ago during the Jamie Bergeron concert at Beauxdines. The Calcasieu Parish deputy picked up an accordion and went to town, as the crowd watched in awe. Now, Simmons is attempting a run at a band. DeWayne Simmons and the Zydeco Quiet Storm is the name of the band and features Simmons on the accordion.

The multi-talented deputy comes from one heck of a bloodline. Some may recognize the name, but when I tell you who Simmons' father is, you'll totally get where the talent came from.

Dewayne Simmons Senior was in a well-known Lake Charles band called "City Heat". Simmons was the lead singer of the band and his vocal range was absolutely insane. I remember hearing him go from Michael Jackson one second and then nailing Barry White. If that doesn't help you realize the talent that man had, nothing will. I was always amazed while watching him perform with the band. The band itself was also packed with talent: Junior Bill on drums and Chester Daigle on piano. The band was a powerhouse for a 3 piece with Daigle providing the bass line in one hand and the leads in the other.

Sadly, Dewayne Sr. passed away on May 8, 2017, but his legacy lives on in his son. The music genre might be a touch different, but the talent is more than obvious. I was lucky enough to know Dewayne Sr. and work alongside Dewayne Jr. for many years at the casino. Now, we all get to watch him start a band and continue on the legacy of his father. I talked with DeWayne after the Bergeron show and asked him when he was going to start a band. He smiled and said he was already working on something and to "get ready". Well, here it is, and I think we are all ready for it!

Simmons, donning his crocs, sits down with his "Unc" and does a little jam session for us on the Zydeco Quiet Storm Facebook page, complete with scrub board.

Best of luck to DeWayne and the band as they start one heck of a journey into music!

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