There has been a lot of criticism of Cam Newton after he blew off the media in his Super Bowl 50 post game press conference—but Deion Sanders totally nailed it.

DISCLAIMER: I'm a season ticket-holding Saints fan, and I have a natural disdain for all NFC South rivals—including the Carolina Panthers.

With that said, I actually wanted Cam to win.

I wanted Cam to win because even with all the dabbing and the arrogant behavior I've personally watched him display for the past five seasons, I truly believed the 26-year-old quarterback turned a corner.

I was convinced that past all the shallow criticism of Cam's celebrating and misunderstood culture, that he matured—not only professionally on the field, but off the field as well.

Boy, was I fooled.

I'm not saying he didn't deserve to be the 2015 MVP—because he did. I'm not saying he didn't deserve to be in the Super Bowl—because he did. I'm saying that as a professional, Cam Newton still has some work to do.

Cam and the Panthers were trounced by the Denver Broncos 24-10 after being the Super Bowl favorites. Newton struggled to get the offense going, but Denver's stout defense harassed him all day chalking up six sacks and a gang of turnovers that proved to be costly to the Panthers.

An understandably distraught Cam sulked through his Super Bowl presser, mumbling through one word answers until he eventually walked off.

The Belichick-like demeanor we saw from Cam is totally understandable—after all, this is a guy who isn't used to losing in big contests having just laid an egg in what may be the biggest game of his career.

The only problem is that people aren't so sympathetic towards Cam due to his flashy dancing, styling, profiling and arrogance when he celebrates.

I think Deion Sanders—a player who is no stranger to styling and profiling ('Prime Time,' anyone?) hit the nail on the head in the video below. (alt link)

Of course some are saying Cam was short with the media because he could hear the Denver players doing their press conferences nearby, commenting on his performance—but is that really an excuse for his behavior?

He's not the first quarterback to address the media after losing in the Super Bowl, and he certainly won't be the last. In case you were wondering here's what the press conferences went like for the last five years of losing Super Bowl QBs.

The common denominator with all those interviews was that each quarterback accepted blame and credited the other team.

Here's the full transcript of Cam's post game presser via ESPN.

What's your message to Panthers fans?
"We'll be back."

Ron [Rivera] said Denver two years ago had a tough time and they bounced back. Do you take that to heart?

Can you put a finger on why Carolina didn't play the way it normally plays?
"Got outplayed."

Is there a reason why?
"Got outplayed, bro."

Was it pretty much what you had seen on film from Denver? Anything different they put in for this game?
"Nothing different."

Do we sometimes forget that defenses can still take apart the offenses in this game?

What did Ron Rivera say after the game?
"He told us a lot of things."

Anything in particular that was memorable?

Obviously you're disappointed. On the biggest stage it's difficult, I know.
[nods head]

Did you see anything that you didn't expect tonight?
"They just played better than us. I don't know what you want me to say. They made more plays than us, and that's what it comes down to. We had our opportunities. It wasn't nothing special that they did. We dropped balls, we turned the ball over, gave up sacks, threw errant passes. That's it. They scored more points than us."

Can you put into words the disappointment you feel right now?
"We lost."

Did Denver change anything defensively to take away your running lanes?

I know you're disappointed not just for yourself, but for your teammates. It's got to be real tough.
[shakes head] "I'm done man."

Last season I wouldn't have had such high expectations for the Panthers QB, but after a nearly perfect MVP season that vaulted him into the company of elite NFL quarterbacks, it's time for Cam to start acting like the role model he says he wants to be—in both success and failure.

So am I "hating" on Cam?

Nah, I'm just disappointed—and I truly believe he can at least learn from this experience and represent himself, his team, and the professionalism of the NFL off the field as well as he does on the field.

Do you think Cam Newton dropped the ball during his post game presser? Do you think he will learn from it and grow? Is Cam Newton a sore loser?

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