The internet is a great place, mostly. Looking through some random videos, I ran across this one from Haggard Racing. Their question was, can you make a tire from duct tape. This group is a bunch of car guys with ADD that race and do random things on YouTube. This one had me questioning right along with them.

tire 2

The pulled a tire off of a car, bought a butt load of duct tape, and went to work wrapping the wheel with it. Now, I am a firm believe that "if you cant duck it, fuuuuuugetaboutit". Duct tape is a necessity in any man's arsenal of repairs.

tire 3

They get creative on wrapping the wheel with layer upon layer of tape. Then they take it out for a little test drive. Bonus, they even attempt a burnout with it! Does it hold up? What do you think?


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