The question I would like for every parent to ask their children, especially if those kids spend time home alone is this. "Do you know where the safest place in the house is in the event of severe weather"?

Here in Louisiana severe weather, including tornadoes, can spin up in minutes. Even with the advanced warning of Doppler Radar and other methods predicting these storms, their path, and how strong they are is still a very inexact science.

That's why you and your children need to have a discussion today on what they would do and where they would go in the event that a strong storm popped up over your house. Do they know what room is the safest? Do they know the difference between "A Watch" and "A Warning"? Do you have a designated meeting place to find each other after the storm has passed?

This week has been designated as Severe Weather Awareness week in Louisiana. It's something the National Weather Service along with state and local government agencies do every year just to remind us that severe weather can happen almost without warning and that being prepared now can be the difference between life and death.