The following post contains SPOILERS for Captain Marvel, and maybe for Avengers: Endgame if we have any idea what we’re talking about.

If you’ve seen Avengers: Infinity War, you had to expect that at least one post-credits scene during Captain Marvel would address that movie and set up Avengers: Endgame in some way. Sure enough, there is a scene during the closing credits that establishes what Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers is doing in the upcoming movie, and how she might come into play in the final battle with Thanos. And there’s also a very funny second scene at the very end of the credits. Let’s break both of them down — and try to figure out what they could mean for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Post-Credits Scene #1

Avengers Endgame 4 Captain America

The Scene: Just before the Captain Marvel end credits, Carol Danvers gives Fury a modified, high-tech (for 1995) version of his two-way pager. She says if he ever needs help, he should use it to call her — but also warns him that it’s “for emergencies only.” (I guess when New York City is being decimated by giant flying space worms, that does not rate as an emergency, but whatever.)

After the first part of the credits we see the pager sending its message, just as we did in the post-credits scene of Avengers: Infinity War, when Fury activated it just before Thanos snapped him into dust. Somehow the surviving Avengers have recovered the pager and brought it back to Avengers Headquarters, where it suddenly shuts off. Captain America, Black Widow, War Machine, and Bruce Banner are standing around, trying to figure out why the pager stopped working. “This is a nightmare,” Cap says. “I’ve had better nightmares,” replies Widow.

Cap wants them to restart the pager and says they need to tell him the second they get a signal. Then the heroes turn around and ... Captain Marvel is standing right in front of them. She only says two words: “Where’s Fury?” Cut to black.

What It Means: Well for one thing, Captain Marvel is in Avengers: Endgame. Shocking!

Okay, so that’s not surprising at all. One actually interesting clue is the fact that in this post-credits scene, Chris Evans still has his Avengers: Infinity War Cap-on-the-run beard, while in most of the footage we’ve seen so far from Avengers: Endgame he’s clean shaven. That suggests that Captain Marvel shows up early in Endgame, before Steve gets a haircut, rather than appearing near the end to make a last-minute save of the surviving Avengers(Captain America doesn’t have beard super powers, right? That’s the only other way I can make sense of this.)

That also suggests Carol could be the person edited out of the Avengers: Endgame trailer. In the recent Endgame promo, it looked like someone was digitally erased from several shots, perhaps to protect some kind of spoiler for the movie. One of the candidates was certainly Captain Marvel — who hadn’t technically debuted yet, but whose involvement in the film was already confirmed. The fact that Cap apparently shows up early in Endgame means she could also be the person in these key shots.

The rest of Captain Marvel has one other potentially major spoiler for Endgame. It reveals that Carol’s powers are the result of Kree science — but that they are originally derived from the Tesseract, AKA the Space Infinity Stone. Carol having the power of one Infinity Stone could give her the edge in a fight with Thanos, and might be the key to finally defeating the purple space Josh Brolin.

Post-Credits Scene #2

Captain Marvel Goose

The Scene: After the rest of the credits end, we return to Nick Fury’s office at S.H.I.E.L.D. It’s totally empty. Then Fury’s newfound cat friend Goose (who’s secretly a “flerken” — a real alien race from Marvel Comics) hops up on Fury’s desk. Slowly, agonizingly, hilariously, Goose starts to retch. Finally, he coughs up the Tesseract that he swallowed earlier in the movie (which has previously been revealed as the secret source of Carol’s power and the energy behind the “lightspeed engine” that everyone in the movie is hunting for). And scene.

What It Means: Even space cats puke a lot.

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