Have you ever taken a personality or aptitude test to see what kind of a job you would be best suited for? Many of us have taken those tests. According to my results I would make a great paper weight or door stop.

Researchers found that these aptitude tests feature very similar questions as those that are often asked on Internet dating sites. So it would stand to reason that certain careers for men might have a certain measure of compatibility with certain careers for women.

The folks at eHarmony took this concept even further and actually came up with a list of best matched careers and worst match careers for potential love birds. Here is what they discovered.

The best matched careers were a male banker and a female teacher. I can see that match. They are both detail oriented and usually have specific long rage goals. They are also careers that require great people skills too.

Some of the other great matches were unemployed male and a female personal trainer. I don't get that one. In my mind that would be a battle of the go-getter versus the couch potato.

Also a female doctor and a male banker and a female teacher with a male police officer or firefighter made the cut as having great romantic possibilities. I see that connection too. Both parties understand and appreciate training and responsibility.

On the downside of the match spectrum the leading most likely train wreck was a match between a female nurse and a retired male. I would imagine for the lady it would be like never being off work.

Other not so good career connections included a male artist and a female student, a male doctor and a female student, and a retired male and a female secretary.  The survey didn't say relationships like these could never work, it just suggested that there would be a lot of personality issues to overcome.

Tell us about your relationship. Do you and your beloved have jobs that seem to mesh with similar responsibilities or did your love overcome the statistics to prevail as true love should always do?

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