Who says you have break the band for a fun night out?

As I was scrolling through the interwebbings of Facebook I noticed a friend of mine shared this gnarly looking couple. At first, I thought someone just stumbled upon a super dope thrift shop based on the outfits they were wearing, but upon further review, I realized the outfits were only half of the story.

As it would turn out, a Facebook user by the name of Brooklynne Rainey posted a photo of her and her significant other with the caption: "A $10 limit to pick out each other’s outfits at goodwill and then going on a date.. HIGHLY RECOMMEND "

Her idea definitely struck a chord with other couples because the post has been shared over 60,000 times since she posted back on May 10.

A fun date that doesn't cost much more than $20? Count me in.

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