Chris Young re-posted a fan's Instagram post that showed a crying baby soothed by his song "Losing Sleep".

I would image this is their second child.  I'm sure of this, because with #2 you start finding out ways to soothe your child the easy way.  When #1 cries as a new parent your instinct is to grab your child and hug them and rock them.  However, #2 gets the phone or gets put in his/her swing.

I know this from experience, lol.  When my son Elijah was a baby we would do all the typical new parent things.  When #2 came around, my daughter Khloe, I told my wife Amanda that we were going to try alternative methods.  Elijah had severe colic, thank God for Nutramigen!   Lucky for us their Pediatrician, Dr. Chatters, is amazing and put my son on it quickly, it's a little pricey but well worth the peace as a new parent.

So when Khloe was born she spit out the cow's milk formula like a scene from The Exorcist!  We had to put her on Nutramigen while we were still in the hospital. Come to find out, she has a legit allergy to cow's milk, so she misses out on all of the amazing dairy products.

Anyways, one of the things we did with #2 is, and it took a lot of convincing for the wife to go along with my plan, once she was at the point she could go a whole night without a feeding I would put her in electrical swing, strapped her up tight, and she would sleep all night long.  Not even a peep on the baby monitor.  Oh, btw, God Bless the person who invented the baby swing that plugs into the wall.  Life saver!

There is no way we would've done that with Elijah.  So without further ado, here's the video of a baby being soothed by Chris Young's song "Losing Sleep":

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