Well, in keeping with the "keeping cool" theme for the day, I got mad when I didn't see the boob cooling company selling a product for dudes. So, I put my fingers to work. Ta-Da! Introducing Snowballs Underwear for men! Now you can keep your wedding tackle cool during the hot summer months.

Snowballs was designed for men who have just had a procedure or want to maximize their fertility. The rest of us just want to keep things from getting a bit toomoist in the South Pole. Varying in sizes from Small to 2XL, you're sure to find a fit for your bit. The package, yeah I giggled too, comes with two pairs of organic cotton undies, three cooling packs, and a booklet on how to use them to lower your testicular temperature.

At $60, the website claims a duration of 30 minutes of cooling depending on your body temp and the ambient temperature. Let's be honest, a chill in the pants for thirty minutes is better than nothing.

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