There’s nothing like driving a super fast, kick-tail Corvette Z06 on a nice summer day.  And nothing will ruin it quite like smacking into a deer.If you’ve ever driven a Z06, you know how much fun they are. Just smash the pedal down, hold on for dear life and let the good times roll. Of course the best place to take an awesome beast like this is the track, where the only obstacle in front of you is the clock. Or is it?

James Greenwood was zooming around Summit Point track in West Virginia during Hyperfest. He attached a Go Pro HD Hero2 to show off his mad driving skills and on the straightaway, was hauling butt before disaster struck his Z06 in the form of a suicidal deer.

Greenwood slowed down a tad to wave hello to the driver in a red Mustang when Bambi decided he had had enough of a life without mom and ran out in front of him as he was driving 100+ mph. There wasn’t anything Greenwood could have done.

Pretty sure Bambi was launched into the next county after this collision. James is OK from the accident but we’re betting the same can’t be said about his lovely Corvette.

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