In 2018, Mason Ramsey was the "Wal-Mart" kid singing and yodeling in the aisle. The video went viral. Shortly after, he was signed to Big Loud Records and started recording music. His first single charted to number four on the Country charts called Famous.

Since his rise to stardom, he has appeared on Ellen, The Grand Ole Opry, and even went on stage during Coachella. He performed during the Billboard's Top 100 sixty year anniversary as he belted out hits way older than he is.

mason ramsey 2

Now, it seems he is back again. A little older, and little more grown, but still not quite at puberty. His new song features him yodeling as much as Hank, but with lyrics as up to date as the new generation of Country music. The new song, Twang, was released a few days ago along with the video. The video features Ramsey in school hitting on a girl that loves his "twang".

I have to admit, it's pretty catchy. If he can hold on to his momentum a little longer until his voice drops, we might be seeing more and more of him.

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