Todd and Nicole Cameron are expecting a baby. What do you do when expecting? Well, you get dressed up and do a maternity shoot. You want to remember that special moment for years to come.

alien baby 2

They contacted a friend, and photographer Li Carter, and set out to make beautiful pictures, but with a twist. As the pictures begin to roll, you see a storyline develope. The Camerons are also HUGE Alien movie fans. The story goes that Todd found an Alien Chestbuster at a garage sale, and a plan began to form. They didn't want to do a traditional maternity shoot, they wanted to be totally different. The shoot begins with them in a normal pose. Suddenly Nicole drops to the ground and her dress starts to become misshapen. The Alien pops out as the proud father, Todd, runs after it. It ends with a kiss and a pacifier in the chest busters mouth with the couple covered in blood and smiles.

alien baby 3

Since being published, the results have been pretty divided amongst the internet's professional critics. The Cameron family could not have been happier with the results.

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