With Pope Benedict the XVI stepping down later this month, the whole world is wondering who the next successor to St. Peter will be.  In fact, some people are even ready to lay bets on it in Las Vegas.  (Oh what, don't tell me you're shocked.)  So, of course, someone had the idea of combining the hunt for the next pope with good ol' March Madness.  The result?  The Pope Bracket.


It would appear to be the best of both worlds, with actual pope candidates in the list, bracketed according to their region.  Starting with the "Sweet Sistene," the bracket breaks all the way down to the "St. Peters championship."  The bracket features actual frontrunners for the position, all with Vegas' odds attached.

Funny?  Sacreligious?  Yeah, it's probably both.  But you can't accuse it of being unimaginative.

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