New addition to the team, Emmanuel Sanders, said that Saints quarterback Drew Brees cried during his apology to his teammates after his comments made in June in regards to kneeling during the National Anthem.

Emmanuel Sanders appeared on ESPN's First Take and spoke about the moment that Drew Brees addressed his teammates about the comments he made saying the following, "As he talked, the more and more he talked, you just see a guy with just tears rolling down his face. I mean, I've never seen that. You could just tell that he was hurt by his comments and the things that people were saying about him because he was unaware of it".

This was not the first apology Brees issued for his comments, as he took to Instagram to apologize via social media as well.

Sanders also said later that Brees is, "one of the best teammates I've been around".

After all of these apologies that Brees has made for his comments, one has to wonder how all of this has affected the Saints locker room. Emmanuel Sanders addressed any of those concerns as well by saying, "We understood where he was coming from and we were able to move past it. I don't see any weird energy going on in the locker room".

Great news for New Orleans Saints fans as they need all the positive energy they can get to be successful this season.


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