Country music legendary artist, Dwight Yoakam, is celebrating his birthday today!  Dwight is turning the big 6-1.

Dwight, if you didn't know, is talented not for just singing.  He is also an accomplished actor.  Dwight has been in movies like Four Christmases, Wedding Crashers, Sling Blade, Panic Room, and Hollywood Homicide.

Dwight has also been on several popular television shows like King Of the Hill, Hee Haw, and has starred in a few television movies, too.

Dwight has been recording music since 1984, and has released 17 studio albums during his career along with 46 singles on the Billboard charts - six of those went to #1.

Some of Dwight's hit songs include "Honky Tonk Man,", "Ain't That Lonely Yet", "Fast As You", and my favorite, "I Sang Dixie".

Happy Birthday, Dwight!  May you have many more and keep rockin'.

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