My son is a high school senior, and my stomach lurched when the Louisiana legislature essentially laid waste to the TOPS program. Like many parents, I am searching for alternate ways to help fund his college education.

His guidance counselor gave us the link to a nifty website featuring several odd scholarships I didn't know about! Who knew they offered a scholarship just for being funny? Or tall?

To see some of them, you will need to set up a free account. However, it's very simple to do and all of the information to apply is easy to read.

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    Make Me Laugh Scholarship

    Applicants for this scholarship can be as young as 13 years old and earn $1500 for college. Write a brief story about a funny event in your life. Of course, it must be grammatically correct! This one should be easy. We've all had that one time when...

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    Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship

    Seriously. If the football coach, cheerleaders, principal, and the kid who sits in front of you in English all became the walking dead, what would you do to survive? What tools would you use to get out of the school that was overrun by zombies? Tell that story, devise a great plan, and you could win $2,000! This scholarship is also open to students 13 years and older.

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    Flavor of the Month Scholarship

    It's about ice cream, not who a person is dating on a particular calendar date. Applications are due at the end of July 2017 because July is National Ice Cream Month. These folks want to know what flavor ice cream you would be and why. Personally, I'd be vanilla with chunks of strawberry and walnut, in case anyone was wondering. If you win, $1,500 in scholarship money is yours!

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    The "Scholarships" Scholarship offers this scholarship to people who apply for several scholarships. If you have taken oodles of time to do whatever is required to submit yourself for consideration for potential funding, you should apply for this one as well! wants to reward your efforts with $500. You might as well give it a shot.

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    Tall People Scholarship

    Not everyone (including my son) will be able to apply for this scholarship, but how intriguing it is! The Tall Clubs International Foundation offers up to $1,000 to applicants who are entering college. Girls must be at least 5'10" tall, and boys must be at least 6'2" tall. There is only one Tall Club in Louisiana. According to the website, a student who is interested should email the national organization for information.

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