From time to time we go searching through the housing market in Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana to see if anything stands out to us. Sometimes we see some very nice homes that are the ones we could only dream of living in because most of us can't afford it. Just wish.

Usually every month we like to share with you the most expensive house for sale in Lake Charles. Did you miss this month's home? For 2.3 Million dollars, you could buy THIS HOME

Well this time we have found an apartment complex that is up for sale in Lake Charles and honestly the price kind of shocked us. We mean when you think of apartments, you would think buying one as an investment property would cost you a ton.

Well if you have 1.2 million dollars, you can get in the landlord game. These apartments are located on Canal Street. It's the road that runs North and South between Sale Road and West McNeese Street in Lake Charles.

It features eight one-bedroom/one-bath apartments and four two-bedroom/one-bath apartments. According to the listing on, The one-bedroom apartments rent for $ 745.00 while the two-bedroom apartments go for $875.00. All the units have central air and heat and come with all appliances too.

Also according to the listing, nine of the apartments have been completely remodeled while three of the apartments have been partially remodeled and will still need some work.

So are you ready to see what 1.2 million dollars will buy you and get you in the investment property game? Let's take a look at them now.

Canal Street Apartments In Lake Charles

So there you go.

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