Former LSU Tiger and Current Cincinnati Bengal Quarterback Joe Burrow looks like he could be featured on Season 2 of a very popular Netflix series.

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Netflix's "Quarterback" is one of the most popular shows of the summer. It is an eight-episode series that takes fans on the field, in the locker room, and inside the homes of three quarterbacks during the 2022 NFL season. The first season featured Quarterbacks like Marcus Mariota, Kirk Cousins, and Patrick Mahomes. Netflix was able to luck out with Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl.

The show brings you into the lives of the QBs and makes you realize that these guys are just average dudes who happen to be incredibly good at football and play on the highest platform imaginable in the sport.

So since the release of "QUARTERBACK," it seems like the big question with football season just around the corner is WHO would be the quarterbacks on the next season of the show.

There have been multiple NFL Quarterbacks who have turned down an invite to be featured on the show. Dak Prescott is one of the more notable players to turn down the office. Prescott has not just turned it down once, but twice. Justin Fields, Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa have been other names to turn down the show.

Not even Peyton Manning, who is the producer of the show, was able to convince Dak to join in on the show.

The quarterback that many football fans want to see on the Netflix show is Former LSU and Current Bengal Quarterback Joe Burrow. It was originally reported that Burrow would not be interested in being on the show, but according to Peter King, that may have changed.

Now something very interesting to watch is on Friday, it was reported that Burrow suffered a calf injury that would sideline him for “several weeks,” with no set timetable for his return.

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