Louisiana native and local Southwest Louisiana favorite Frank Foster is at it again! He took to Facebook yesterday to announce that his second single from his 10th studio album was going to come out at Midnight last night.

Frank went viral on Facebook when someone he worked with on an oil rig posted some videos of Frank Foster strumming his guitar in the break room as he was playing some music for his coworkers.

Frank was caught on video playing now one of his hit songs Rowdy Reputation and it blew up. Here is that video.

Since then, Frank decided to take a chance and go out on his own and record music and tour all over the country. Boy, that decision was right because since then he has released 10 studio albums and garnered tons of hardcore fans.

The boy from Cypress Bottom, Louisiana has made a big name for himself and crushed the music charts too. For an independent artist to hit the Billboard charts with no record label backing is unheard of.

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Since then Frank opened up his own record label called Lone Chief Records and a fun fact for you, Frank's first artist he signed to the label was Lainey Wilson. Check out Lainey's first singles released on Franks record label HERE.

Frank's new single is called Ridin' For The Brand. The video dropped on YouTube last night at 6:00 pm and the single was available for download at Midnight.  Check it out!

Frank will join the Gator 99.5 morning show with Mike & Chad Wednesday morning to talk about the new single and also talk about his upcoming show in Louisiana Saturday night. So tune in and let us know what you think about the new song!

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