Okay, it's non-alcoholic, but when you're relaxing and having a beer, why not let your dog enjoy a nice treat too?

The creators of "Good Boy Dog Beer", Megan and Steve Long, have a dog named Rocky who started having digestive issues. They needed to get him the proteins and vitamins that he needed, but in liquid form. This is when they started making liquid treats for him that led to "Good Boy Dog Beer".

The dog "beer" comes in four different flavors, chicken-based, pork-based, veggie-based, and peanut-based drinks. No alcohol is used in the products. They're made with vitamins and proteins meant for dogs with digestive issues, although you can give them to your dog as a treat when you're having a beer.

The names of the different flavors are excellent! There's "IPA Alot in the Yard", "Mailman Malt Licker", "Session...squirrel!", and "Crotch Sniffin' Ale".

"We always say, you'll buy your buddy a beer, why not buy your best friend a beer?" Steve says in the video. "And have a beer with your best friend," Megan adds.

The dog beer is sold mostly in the Houston area, although you can buy their products online.

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