Louisiana will become the next state to issue a "stay at home" order.


This will go into effect at 5pm tomorrow afternoon. All state buildings will be closed and all non essential businesses are ordered closed. But the Govenor says

The people of Louisiana should not wait until tomorrow and should do so now. Public gatherings are now limited to 10 people.

Louisiana's infection rate is growing faster than any other states. Governor Edwards adds:

Please know this was a difficult decision to make. But we have to look at some basic facts. 2 weeks ago, we had zero cases. I week ago, we had 91 cases. Today we have 837 cases. This is a 10 time increase in 7 days. There are now cases in 36 Parishes which shows us the spread is statewide. We could run out of health care capacity in 7-10 days.

He notes that Louisiana has the 3rd highest rate of infection per capita. Only New York and Washington have higher rates per capita.

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You will still be able to perform essential tasks to take care of your health and safety. Grocery stores and pharmacies will remain open. You will also be allowed to go for a run or walk your dog.

Industries considered essential include food production, pharmacies, health care, utilities, shipping, banking, other governmental services, law enforcement, emergency personnel and media.

Click here to see the graphics the Governor explained.

Several other states including New York and California have similar orders in place.

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