Is this a surprise, or not? Wilson finished a show in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and went back to her hotel. According to Wilson's Twitter account, she arrived back at the hotel after midnight and was having a good time "talking". Evidently Wilson was not using her inside voice as the hotel staff made multiple visits to her room to tell her to quiet down. The hotel has a "quiet hours" policy that starts at 10:00pm. Wilson didn't enjoy that policy very much, and was visited by the local police shortly after.

That's when things took a bit of a turn. Wilson was kicked out of the hotel by police and hotel staff, as she began tweeting about how the hotel should be boycotted and put out of business. Perhaps the greatest quote from all of this was the employee of the hotel had no idea who she was when she tried to place the celebrity card.

I would assume she was trying to grab some sympathy from her followers for being kicked out, some did, but most didn't feel anything for her.

Perhaps next time, she might want to just stay in the trailer she described in Redneck Woman. At least it would be harder to kick her out.

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