Almost 800 horses roam the grounds of the U.S. Army facility at Fort Polk in Vernon Parish. Early this year the Army announced plans to remove the horses from the grounds of the base by offering them free to those would provide a safe and proper environment for the animals.

An animal advocacy group has challenged that plan. The group, Pegasus Equine Guardian Association, has raised concerns that these animals might not be sent to farms and ranches but instead will be sent to the slaughterhouse.

We feel that the Army and the citizens should have an obligation to preserve and protect these horses out at Fort Polk.

PEGA President Amy Hanchey said in her comments to the Louisiana Radio Network that each year over 150-thousand horses are sent to the slaughterhouse. She and her group feel that the Ft. Polk plan does not guarantee the safety of these animals once they have been removed from the base.

Garrison Commander David Athey stationed at Ft. Polk said in his comments to LRN that every effort will be made by the Army to ensure the horses would be leaving the base for a good home.  Commander Athey suggested in his comments that if there is significant credible evidence to suggest an organization is questionable, they are going to do what is right.



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