"My girl legit took 20 minutes ordering in the drive-thru last night, those Whoppers were worth it though, LOL."

Other than the fact that the above comment about Whoppers was made under a picture of BK breakfast, that seems like a pretty harmless thing to say on Instagram, right?

Unfortunately, things took a turn for the crazy when @shari8218 saw the comment and responded with "Um excuse me @Jordan_VonSmith86???  I don't recall going last night or ever liking Burger King.  Who are you talking about?" 

Yep, @Jordan_VonSmith86 just got caught cheating on Burger King's Instagram. I mean, there's a reason why Yo Gotti says it goes "Down in the DM"  and not "down in the comments". This dude should have known better.

But @shari8212 got some king sized revenge when she dumped her burger loving boo by commenting "Hope the Whopper Juniors were worth it.  Your [stuff] is outside." 

You can check out the full blown Burger King break up, and everything Instagram has to say about it, by reading through the post comments.

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